BBB warns of scammers pretending to be from FTC

The scam works in two parts: First, you get a letter appearing to be the from FTC stating your finances have put you under suspicion of terrorism and money laundering. According to the letter, you will now be monitored very closely.

The second part includes phone calls demanding you send money. Scammers are claiming to be from the FTC linking you to a crime. According to the scammer, the only way you can escape charges is to send money in the form of prepaid gift cards.

One victim reported that scammers threatened her when she didn’t give in to the demands. The BBB says they told her: “Are you questioning the federal government, ma’am? Remember you are being recorded and anything you say can be used against you.”

The BBB says the FTC will never send intimidating letters or threatening phone calls, and will never demand money. If this happens to you, hang up the phone.

If you think you’ve fallen victim to this scam, you can report it to the BBB. For more information about imposter scams, visit here.